Easy tips on cooking recipes for beginners

For beginners, working on some easy recipes can be thrilling and challenging at the same time. A few lessons in cooking are among the things that novice chefs or cooks must take really seriously. So before you put on an apron, you have to know a few basic tips in cooking. You can also find these simple steps in cooking videos available on the Internet.

The key to learning how to cook gracefully is through proper preparation. Preparation is a crucial aspect before a person starts his cooking. You should prepare the things that you will need. Buy all the necessary ingredients for the new recipes that you will try. You can also check some cooking videos and devise a checklist of the kitchen equipments to use. Take note that proper preparation defines professional cooking from novice food preparation. Much more than preparing food and ingredients, it is important to keep your kitchen equipments clean. Wear a clean apron and use clean tools in cooking. Before working your recipes particularly with raw meat, make sure to wash your hands briskly. To avoid loose hair from falling into the food, pull your hair into a ponytail or wear hairnet. You have to wash raw meat, poultry, fruits, and vegetables when preparing them before cooking. As much as possible, do not handle food or even cook when you are sick to avoid contamination.

In your recipes, see to it that the ingredients needed are all premeasured. Temperature, for instance, is crucial in baking. You will also figure out in some cooking videos that there are temperature recommendations for various recipes. Mixing should also be followed accordingly since a little difference in the mixing process can alter the taste of the food. Try not to overcrowd the oven and refrain from opening the oven door too often. When cooking pasta, constantly stir the pasta in boiling water to avoid them from sticking. Do not overcook the pasta as water can greatly affect its firm texture. When cooking vegetables, it is advisable to scrub them rather than peeling since majority of the vegetable’s nutrients is found in the skin. You can also see from cooking videos that veggies are mostly steamed or cooked in a microwave oven.

Marinating is also a creative way to experiment with your recipe. When grilling, for example, you should put a liberal amount of marinade in the food or meat. The recommended cut for marinated food should be one inch in thickness. If you are using charcoal grill, make sure to use sufficient coal as this can add to the food’s quality taste.

Now, the most important thing in cooking is the presentation. Make sure to finish your recipe with a nice presentation. You can decorate the food your have prepared with edible garnishing. Garnishing is a great idea in decorating food to make it more enticing to eat. However, it is advisable to use only similar ingredients in your recipe for garnishing. You can also make your everyday cooking more exciting by playing music while preparing or doing something creative with your presentation.